Spider Pest Control

Las Vegas Spiders

Spiders are found all over the Las Vegas area. They are a very diverse group and very abundant in and around the valley. Spiders are apart of the Arachnid family. They are recognized by their 8 legs, two body segments, and spinnerets ( which produce the silk material used to make there webs ). Most spiders are harmless to humans however there are some out there that are harmful and could cause you some problems if stung. For the most part, spider bites pretty much look the same. The area gets red and will swell where the bite occurred. IF major cramping and pain occurs it might be a good idea to go get checked out. Elderly, pregnant woman and children are more at risk and should be seen by a professional immediately.

Black Widows

The Black Widow spider in Las Vegas is typically what we here worry about the most. Its most famous for its red hourglass mark on its body. Black widows can be found anywhere from under rocks, in wood piles, in those green irrigation boxes, and even next to your front door. This is why it is pretty easy to be stung if not careful. The Black Widow bite can cause pain but usually you don’t even know you have been bit until you start to react to it. When its victim starts to react to the venom, they will usually start to feel some pain including cramping and muscle spasms. This happens typically within the first hour after the bite has occurred. The pain and cramping can spread throughout the abdomen and can usually feel like you have appendicitis or even pancreatitis. If you are stung by a black widow it is best to wash thoroughly with soap and water. A cold compress after cleaning to reduce swelling and a painkiller would be recommended also.

Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse, although thought to live among us here in Las Vegas, fortunately does not. We are home to a Desert Recluse spider which unless looked at under a microscope, looks pretty much the same. This spider does also have a pretty nasty bite and can cause the intended victim some problems.

The bite will eat cells away and will cause the area to become blackened where the skin is being broken down, becoming necrotic, or even dying. Only about 10 percent of bites actually make it to this stage. The affects of the bites can spread to there parts of the body and bites on fattier parts of your body can actually cause the bite to have a worse effect. When this happens the doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics and sometimes even surgery. There have been cases where skin grafting was necessary but again this happens in rare cases.

Even though these 8 legged creatures surround us there really isn’t too much to worry about. Most spiders aren’t out to get you. They just want to hunt other bugs and live their life. Most of the time spiders bites are by accident. Wether you stumble into a web or a spider hitches a ride and is danger of being squished, will they only then bite or sting.