German Roach Exterminator

Las Vegas German Cockroach Extermination

The very word “Roach “can send shivers throughout your body. Las Vegas is no exception when it comes to breeding roaches in and around our homes and commercial properties. Who wants to deal with a bug that can literally give you food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies, or even a skin rash? Not me! On average, roaches can vary in size anywhere from one half inch all the way up to three inches. There are lots of different species of roach in the United States, but the most common roaches are the German Roach, American Roach and the Oriental Roach. It’s very important to identify what type of roach you are dealing before making any attempt to treat for them. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is home to all three species (German, American, Oriental).

German Roaches

The German Roach is the most common roach found indoors here in Las Vegas. They can live outdoors however the conditions need to be almost tropical for them to survive. Food and water is a must for these little guys to make your home their home. Some good prevention methods include daily cleaning and proper food storage. This will help prevent infestation and keep your home from being contaminated with bacteria. Standing water and moisture are also very important in keeping German Roaches away. A clean and tidy home is a good start to getting a Roach infestation under control. A good IPM program from a professional like Green Pro Pest Control is a must when you do encounter German Roaches. Call Green Pro today and get a free inspection.

Oriental and American Roaches

Other species such as American Roaches and Oriental Roaches tend to make their homes outside. Unfortunately, they do make their way inside from time to time. Some ways to keep their populations down include a in depth IPM program for the exterior of your home. This is something Green Pro Pest Control offers. Here in Las Vegas desert landscaping is the norm. we tend not to use as much water because of how dry our desert is. This means that any type of leak on the outside of your home or even over watering your lawn or shrubs could attract roaches to this area. Food, water and shelter will make any type of pest thrive, especially roaches. Take one of these away and it disrupts their lives and makes breeding tougher. Here in Las Vegas Green Pro Pest Control uses these practices to control all types of roaches including other bugs. This is what makes Green Pro so successful when it comes to pest control and keeping homes and commercial properties pest free.