• Scorpion Pest Control


    Just like other pests, scorpions seek food, water and shelter. The reason why they like visiting homes is that human dwellings provide all three. If the homeowner does not have and exterminator or is not performing pest control then they could be inadvertently allowing a food source for scorpions in […]

  • Spider Pest Control

    Las Vegas Spiders

    Spiders are found all over the Las Vegas area. They are a very diverse group and very abundant in and around the valley. Spiders are apart of the Arachnid family. They are recognized by their 8 legs, two body segments, and spinnerets ( which produce the silk material used to make there webs […]

  • Ants

    Las Vegas Ants
    Ants in general can be a nightmare when they start to invade your home. Most of us out here in Las Vegas usually reach for some raid or the windex and start to go to town on the marching ants that are traveling across our kitchen counter. These guys usually will send out […]

  • Termites


    As compared to other termites, these are the most destructive and the most widespread type of termites. They live underground and can have even up to over 2 million colonies. They normally swarm in hundreds and woods damaged by them have a honeycombed appearance.


    These termites live on dry wood. For them to survive, […]

  • Bed Bugs

    Bedbug Treatment Plan
    Our professional technicians at Green Pro Pest Control will come to your home and do a complete inspection of your home, which will include furniture, beds, and linens along with other known spots bedbugs are typically found in. After the inspection, they will discuss your options as how to get rid of bedbugs […]

  • German Roach Exterminator

    Las Vegas German Cockroach Extermination

    The very word “Roach “can send shivers throughout your body. Las Vegas is no exception when it comes to breeding roaches in and around our homes and commercial properties. Who wants to deal with a bug that can literally give you food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies, or even a skin rash? Not […]