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Termites In Las Vegas?

Experiencing termite problems in Las Vegas? We have over 20 years experience with termites in Las Vegas. Hence, if you find dead termites and bits of feces inside your house, it’s a sign of infestation.

While termites are not the same, you should be able to hear a tapping on your walls. The sound you hear at night is likely to be termite infestations.

As termites consume the wood in your home some small holes may develop on the walls. In most instances, these holes are very tiny and it might take you time to locate them hence you need to thoroughly inspect your walls.

If you realize that some of the wood is becoming weak, termites might have invaded your home. To test this, you can scratch your wood. If the wood feels soft, it means it’s starting to fall.

Before applying pesticides, contact a pest control expert to ensure your safety and that you have chosen an efective solution.

Ways to control termites in your home

  • Avoid storing any wood near or next to your home.
  • Fill in any gaps in your windows or your foundation joints that could act as an entry point to termites.
  • Keep your home free from moisture. You can use gutters to divert water away from your home
  • Always ensure that you can see 2-3 inches of foundation in your home. Also, do not put soil, plants or rocks to the bottom of the siding.
  • Use the best products to control the pests.
Termite Las Vegas Pest Control
Effective and Safe Termite Pest Control Solutions in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Are there termites in Las Vegas area? Well, apart from Alaska, termites can be found everywhere in the US. Termites not only thrive in warmer climates but also have the most activities in the west, south, southeast, and southeast. The right combination of warmth, food, and moisture can attract termites in droves. According to the National Pest Management Foundation, termites lead to a loss of $5 billion in properties in the US alone.

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Before you attempt to solve your termite infestation yourself, please contact a professional like Green Pro Pest Control. We’ll ensure that the most effective solution possible is chosen with your safety in mind.

Subterranean Termites

As compared to other termites, these are the most destructive and the most widespread type of termites. They live underground and can have even up to over 2 million colonies. They normally swarm in hundreds and woods damaged by them have a honeycombed appearance.

Drywood Termites

These termites live on dry wood. For them to survive, they do not need any contact with the soil. Their colonies can have a small swarm of 100 insects and colonies of 2500 members. The wood also appears smooth and clean.

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