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What Can You Do Now?

Ensure that you seal all points of entry in your home including windows, siding, doors, wires, and pipes.

Get rid of outdoor harborages such as stones, piles of trash, firewood boards and landscape timbers.

Apply dust. If that is the source of entry, you can apply insecticide dust in the attic area. This dust is very much useful in electrical fittings, cracks, walls, crevices and around the window frames.

Before applying pesticides, contact a pest control expert to ensure your safety and that you have chosen an efective solution.

Effective and Safe Scorpion Pest Control Solutions in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Controlling scorpions is extremely difficult but it can be done. Calling a professional to come out and take a look is a must first step. The best pest control for scorpions is prevention. If there is a way to prevent them from coming to your home then that is the best thing to do. The most important thing is to seal all the openings and cracks in doors and windows, check the foundation of your house, and ensure that your home is free from insects like crickets, ants and cockroaches.

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Before you attempt to solve your scorpion problem yourself, please contact a professional. We’ll ensure that the most effective solution possible is chosen with your safety in mind.

Why Are Scorpions In My Home?

Just like other pests, scorpions seek food, water and shelter. The reason why they like visiting homes is that human dwellings provide all three. If the homeowner does not have and exterminator or is not performing pest control then they could be inadvertently allowing a food source for scorpions in the form of other insects. Water sources come in many different forms, droplets of water in showers and sinks, over watering of landscaping and dripping condensate lines from the AC system. Shelter can be provided in many forms but usually is more prevalent in clutter and debris and over growth of landscaping. Scorpions are usually active at night and when the temperatures are above 75 degrees and below 100 degrees. However, there are some species that can survive when in high temperatures of up to 122 degrees.

Are Scorpions Dangerous?

Scorpions for the most part are harmless with the exception of a painful bee like sting. However if you have a weak immune system or are allergic to a scorpion sting it could mean a trip to the hospital with more serious conditions. Some of the symptoms of scorpion bite include increased heart rate, weakness, difficulty in breathing, intense pain and muscle twitching. If you are stung its probably a good idea to seek some medical attention if you have any of these symptoms.

How to Control Scorpions?

It is inevitable that you will see a scorpion at some point in your life. they live and thrive all over our Clark County and the Las Vegas Valley. Controlling Scorpions will pose a lot more challenging then any other insect we have in Las Vegas. Scorpions can walk over insecticides avoiding absorbing a lethal dose. While most every insecticide claims to kill scorpions, what they don’t tell you is that it requires a direct application onto the scorpion which we all know is too late and impossible in most cases because they are very reclusive insects. Furthermore, Scorpions do not die on contact and will take some time to die after being exposed. For those reasons, scorpions are not affected or deterred by most chemical barriers around the structure. To eliminate scorpions or to prevent them from re infesting a property requires a complete knowledge of scorpion behavior along with products that are designed specifically for application methods needed to ensure complete transfer onto the scorpion. Yes, there are technologies we use to apply our products in a method that ensures scorpions will absorb the product and die shortly there after. We employ methods like black light services and power spraying that are common in the pest control industry and a few that we developed over the many years we have been hunting these guys out. We have several of our customers that live in very infested areas of town and have been able to prove the success of our scorpion program. We work with some to test new technologies and products to remain the leader in innovation and provide you with the latest technologies and methods for the greatest peace of mind in the pest control industry.

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