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Apart from the health risks, they can also cause damage to your property by chewing holes in the walls, wires, and even pipes. The main challenge in rodent removal is preventing them from accessing your home. Remember, they are great climbers and can squeeze themselves into small holes accessing your home. For instance, if there is any single hole in your house a rodent will use it to go in out of your home like a front door. As long as holes are still there, rodents can find their way in your home. This is why we are all about exclusion. Sealing up those entries is number one when coming to rodent control.

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Rodents can typically be found all over Southern Nevada. Not only are they a nuisance but they can pose health risk to you and your family. With a good shelter, a source of food and water, they can reproduce very quickly thereby becoming very hard to eliminate. If you are seeing rodents on your property, whether it be in the bushes, running walls or even crawling up the side of our home, you need a pest professional immediately out to your home. Generally you will see mice inside or your home. They are very fast and typically you can see mice during the daytime hours. They go after any scraps left out and will even go after your dog food. Mice can usually be taken care with some snap traps but if you are seeing more than one or are having trouble catching them, its best to call in a professional. We use different techniques to trick them and to rid your home of mice.

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Before you attempt to solve your rodent or rat issue yourself, please contact a pest control professional. We’ll ensure that the most effective solution possible is chosen with your safety in mind.

Dealing With Rodents in Las Vegas

Having mice or rodents inside your home can not only be a scary thing but can cause health risk. Its best to address a mouse immediately because they can multiply quickly. There are a couple ways to get rid of mice. Snap traps are a great way to get Mice under control. Usually its not very humane but it gets the job done. If you are not into the whole snap trap thing then sticky traps should be used in place of them.  Since rodents are evasive it’s very hard to find one roaming in your house.

Professional Rodent Pest Control

Your pest control technician will strategically place traps in areas with the best chances of catching mice. During the cooler months the chances of finding Mice are a bit higher. Just like us they are looking for shelter and warmth from the cold temperatures. Bait methods are the standard. If the rodent consumes bait, they get sick and eventually die off. The main challenge with the poison is that they might run off to a more accessible area and pass away. This usually isn’t a problem. The best thing to do is to call a professional and have them out to your home for an inspection.

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