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Pigeon droppings will ruin, stain and deteriorate your home or commercial building and damage materials, costing you time and money as well as unnecessary headache.

Pigeon nests could potentially create fire hazards and creaete perfect homes for other pests to move in to.

Pigeons could contaminate food products in warehouses or even equipment which transfers to humans.

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Effective and Safe Pigeon Pest Control Solutions in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

The last thing a business or home owner wants to deal with is pigeon waste. Its unsightly and unfortunately it can also be a health risk. Some speakers of birds can actually transmit disease to humans just by breathing in their dandruff or feces. Apart from health risk, bird droppings can ruin the finishes on your property and are just plain unsanitary. Cleaning up after these guys can become costly so its best to call a professional at the first sign to customize a pigeon control program specifically for your property.

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Before you attempt to solve your pigeon or bird issue yourself, please contact a professional. We’ll ensure that the most effective solution possible is chosen with your safety in mind.

First Steps to Effective Pigeon Control

First and foremost an inspection will be performed to determine the species of birds and the scope of work to be performed. Cleanup is usually the first step. All feces needs to be removed and the area disinfected. Disinfection will also help to keep the birds away. Exclusion is the next important step. Removing nests and sealing up areas for birds to nest in will make them move on to look for another area and not be able to damage your property anymore. Other techniques include bird spikes or even devices built specifically to keep birds away. Some things you can do as a property owner to help keep the pigeons away would be to try and get rid of all the water sources around your home. Also any food sources. Pet food, whether it be cat or dog food, is a great food source for pigeons. If these things are cleared from around the home it will help to keep them away.

Take Action and Save Time and Money

The longer the bird problem is allowed to persist the more difficult it can be to control. This is why it is so important to get a professional out to your property as soon as possible. The chance of disease and other bugs making it into your home from pigeons greatly increases the longer you wait. Who wants to hear birds roosting in their attic anyway right? Usually its not only you but your neighbors dealing with the same flock of birds you are dealing with. This is why it is so important to pigeon proof your home. If your neighbor has situations conducive for pigeons to thrive, they may be just using your home to nest. Ridding your home of nesting areas along with food and water sources increase the chances that the birds will move from your home to another, thereby solving your pigeon issues.

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