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Our professional technicians at Green Pro Pest Control will come to your home and do a complete inspection of your home, which will include furniture, beds, and linens along with other known spots bedbugs are typically found in. After the inspection, they will discuss your options as how to get rid of bedbugs safely and effectively.

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Green Pro Pest Control guarantees the work performed by their technicians.
Our technicians will offer a treatment plan for bed bug pest control, which is both effective and non-toxic. Call Green Pro Pest Control to schedule your FREE inspection and to help with your bedbug problem if detected in your home.

The most important thing about bed bugs is to educate yourself on them so you prevent the infestation from occurring. Bed bugs earned their name from the fact that they are usually found in beds. They feed off the blood of a warm-blooded animal, which is whoever lives in the home. Within 35 days of hatching, they are considered mature and can live between 7 and 12 months. This can make them extremely difficult to remove from your home.

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