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Unfortunately, in certain areas of Nevada, such as Las Vegas, ant infestations regularly occur. Because of the climate, the presence of ants is particularly common in many households, and can be quite difficult to eliminate without assistance. Therefore, the best way to deal with these unwanted guests is to call a professional Las Vegas ant exterminator like Green Pro who can offer free pest inspections and customize a solution to rid your home of these irksome insects. If you think you may have spotted the beginning of an ant infestation in or around your home, you should contact Green Pro Pest Control as soon as possible.

Ants: How to Deal with Indoor and Outdoor Problems?

Because there are multiple ant species, you may discover that they have invaded the inside of your home as well as the surrounding property.

Although most ant species prefer to live outdoors, if an appealing food source is discovered, they will quickly infiltrate your home. Most species are quite fond of sweets, but bread, crackers, cereal and other flour-based products also lure them inside.

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It is not wise for you to attempt to handle pests of any kind without the help of an expert. A professional Las Vegas ant exterminator is the only individual with the experience and skills to effectively deal with a wide variety of infestations. Therefore, if you wish to eliminate one or more ant infestations and prevent future invasions, you should contact a licensed exterminator as soon as possible. This will ensure that your home and property remain insect-free for many future years. Turn to the team here at Green Pro to protect your Las Vegas home from ant infestations and other pest related issues.

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What Kind of Ants are in Las Vegas?

The Common Household Ant

If you have discovered such insects within your home, you may be tempted to try to combat the problem by using ant traps or sprays. However, remedies of this type are not usually effective options unless you have caught the infestation at the very beginning. This is because most insects of this type form multiple colonies, making it impossible for traps to kill more than a tiny percentage of the total ant population in your home.

Harvester Ants

The harvester ant is common in the Southwest, and such insects are easily spotted due to their bright red color. They measure approximately a quarter of an inch long and build colonies at a rapid pace. The latter are usually discovered around windows and doors. They proliferate quickly and it is not unusual to discover them in large numbers.

When threatened or disturbed, they become very aggressive in a short length of time, and can deliver painful bites to those in the home. This ant species may also take up residence in your yard or other areas of your property, and this is often the case. Therefore, you may find yourself battling these troublesome creatures when you are outside, as well as when you are trying to relax within your home.

Fire Ants

Another type of ant that is especially troublesome is the fire ant. Such insects frequently build mounds in strategic spots around your property and can administer painful, poisonous bites that may itch or bleed. Such bites sometimes take up to a week to heal. Because they can build large mounds in an extraordinarily short length of time, it is possible for their colonies to literally “pop up overnight,” making it easy to step directly into an ant mound before you even notice its presence on your property.

Because there are so many different ant species, it is possible to have multiple problems simultaneously, or have an infestation of one type on your property and another within your home.